Harry & Tyler(ハリー&タイラー)」は、ハリーとタイラーの2人組による、アパレル・ユニット。






Harry & Tyler is an apparel unit owned by two men, Harry & Tyler.

Their branding style is very distinctive, and uniquely selfish.

They go around presenting themselves in their own collections

for sales promotion.

Since they focus on making only the things they love, whenever they feel like, there are only two sizes existing - <Harry>  and <Tyler>. 

Celebrating their debut, the theme for this Fall/Winter 2012 is 'Patchwork Gentlemen'

The collection consists of setup suits, ties and button down shirts

made from vintage knits gathered from around the world - all handmade by patchwork process. 

This early September, they have successfully promoted a

'street-runway show' in one of the most fashion conscious cities - New York. 

Harry and Tyler walked around the city in their own collection, surprising people as they were followed, surrounded, photographed and interviewed by many. It did not take long to get the most attention and love for their unique style from every New Yorkers.